AGEIA PhysX  v.9 1

AGEIA PhysX (also known as Nvidia Physx) software is designed for improving the performance of your Nvidia graphic card. It needs a graphic card with minimum of 32 CUDA cores and 256MB dedicated graphics memory.

SiSoftware Sandra Lite  v.2011.10.17.77

SiSoftware Sandra is a 32 and 64-bit Windows system analyser that includes benchmarking, testing and listing modules.


SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2011  v.2011.10.17.77

SiSoftware Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility.

CVLTonemap  v.0.2.4

View HDR images with this software. CVLTonemap is an interactive viewer and tone mapping tool for high dynamic range (HDR) images. By performing the tone mapping on the graphics processing unit (GPU),

Cvtool  v.1.0

Cvtool is a command line tool for processing images and data. It works as a filter and supports both netpbm images and pfs images and data. ool integrates all its functionality into a single binary, and makes it available through commands.

NVIDIA Gelato  v.2.2 Release 1

NVIDIA Gelato rendering program brings high-quality rendering to the masses. A hardware-accelerated, non-real-time renderer, Gelato allows you to use your NVIDIA GPU to create stunning images fast.

DDS Thumbnail Viewer  v.7.01

DDS Thumbnail Viewer allows you to view .dds files in Thumbnail view in the Windows Explorer. If you're working with DDS textures, you may also find our DDS Utilities, Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins, and Windows Texture Viewer to be useful.

CVLView  v.1.0.1

CVLView is a viewer for PFS files. CVLView is a viewer for arbitrary floating point data that is stored in pfs files.All of the data processing that is necessary for visualization is done on the graphics processing unit (GPU) for optimal performance.

Media Espresso  v.6.5

MediaEspresso Renamed from MediaShow Espresso, the latest version converts any video, photo and music files to a broad range of devices including smart phones such as Apple iPhones and Google Android phones; media players such as iPods and iPads;

NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player  v.1.6.9

NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player is a strong video player that can read the most common video and image file formats. An easy-to-use means of playing your movies and viewing digital pictures.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder  v.1.02-233

nVIDIA PureVideo Decoder (NVIDIA DVD Decoder) bring the High-Definition Home Theater Experience to Your PC and Mobile Device. Smooth and vibrant video for the ultimate home theater experience. NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder software,

NVIDIA System Tools  v.6.08

NVIDIA System Tools is an applications suite designed to help you tweak your video card and improve its performance. The NVIDIA System Tools installation package includes: 1. NVIDIA Performance Group (v6.02.08.01) add-on to the NVIDIA Control Panel

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